My Google Bag

My first grade daughter has been bringing a swim bag to camp most days this summer — it was one of those tchotchkes that I got at an industry event. So last weekend she was getting ready to go to a swim birthday party and asked, “Mom, where’s my Google bag?”

I stopped dead in my tracks and said, “Honey, it’s a Yahoo! bag.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, do you know where it is?”

My daughter is your typical Silicon Valley kid who knows how to use the Internet, can type in URLs, and has heard me and my husband talk endlessly about companies like Google and Yahoo!. What struck me dumb was that even though she was carrying around this large purple swim bag emblazoned with Yahoo!’s name on it all summer, she thought it was her Google bag. It’s incredible to me that the Google brand carries such weight that it became top of mind for my six year old.

Just to double check, I asked her later if she knew what the difference was between Google and Yahoo. “Yahoo! is the place where you go to play games (she uses Yahooligans),” while “Google is what shows up on your screen when something doesn’t work.” (Google is the default search engine on the kids’ computer so it appears to the side of the Web browser when a page can’t be found). My son (a second grader) chimed in that Google was good for finding stuff you needed to know about, while Yahoo! was the place you go to find pictures, play games, and check your email.

So while Yahoo! doesn’t appear to be top of mind for my daughter, she definitely has a more positive opinion of Yahoo! than of Google. There’s hope yet for Yahoo! to win the mind as well as the heart of my daughter.


~ by charleneli on August 13, 2006.

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