Showers at JFK and other airports

I recently took an overnight flight from SFO to JFK and was going to do my regular routine – check into a hotel, pay the full rate, and take a quick shower before heading off to my meetings. As I do this regularly, I decided to see if there were showers at JFK itself and thus avoid paying $300+ for the use of a hotel room shower, and also head right off to my morning meetings.

Lo and behold, American Airlines’ Red Carpet Club Admirals Club (Terminal 8, Concourse B & C) has showers! At $50 for a day pass, it’s a bargain. And more importantly, the bathroom is immaculate and stocked with towels, hair dryer, and shampoo/conditioner/shower gel. The catch – you have to fly American Airlines, so that may limit some options.

It looks from their list that they have many locations with showers, so please comment below if you’ve every used these facilities, or know of other showers in airports.


~ by charleneli on January 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Showers at JFK and other airports”

  1. I think you mean American Airlines’ Admirals Club. Which is why I have a membership.

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